Article Directory – Choosing Categories

Article Directory – Choosing Categories

Article by P.J. Edwards

For those who are an affiliate marketer, career professional or are simply trying to promote your company by going online it follows that you have most likely tried writing posts for your promotions. This is definitely the best line of attack to obtain traffic to your site however with the 1000’s of directories around how do you distinguish which one to submit to and which categories suit your piece of writing the best?

The best thing to do is discover a high-quality Article Directory and take a look as a quantity of of the articles all ready submitted into the categories that you are considering about. Examine the articles and then look through further categories and if you find something associated to yours submit it to that category.As an example if you are writing on the subject of Woodworking mostly about construction an outside cedar table you have a selection of where to submit this article including:

Home Improvement

Home & Garden – Your table is an outside item



By reading the other articles you can see which one fits the theme the best. Or still try placing it into a different category to gather up some new readers! A number of article directories have sub categories and it is in your best interest to dig down and get the article as close to your target market as possible.

New categories are being added all the time. Countless directory owners welcome writers to ask for new topic and sub topic headings. Other directories prefer to have main directories and then people can search to find their selected topic or question they want answered within that category.

Many popular categories include:

Credit & Debt

Video & Audio


Women’s Issues

Music & Movies

Men’s Issues

Home Business

As something becomes the all new social buzz and gains recognition a first-rate directory will quickly add this to their directory listings. One more thing that is great about a directory are those that understand there are many new writers and marketers trying to get published and by giving these new writers a place to express their ideas and showcase their writing expertise they are themselves creating a great happening for all people trying to make money on and off line. At the same time, gaining new publicity for the article directory itself.

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