Home Gardening – How to Choose the Right Seeds

Home Gardening – How to Choose the Right Seeds

Article by Tom Myers

You can create the perfect environment for your plants, but if they do not come from hearty and healthy line they are unlikely to succeed. Thus, finding the right seeds is critical to the health of your garden. This article contains some pointers on how to find the right seeds.

If you are harvesting seeds from plants in your own garden, you will have certain advantages. After all, you can see the plants that the seeds came from. As a rule, healthy plants tend to produce healthy seeds. So take a good look at the plant and determine whether it is hearty and healthy enough. Does it have a nice symmetrical shape? Is it bountiful in the number of blossoms or fruit or vegetables it produces? Only choose seeds from the finest specimens.

Where you are not harvesting your own seeds, you generally do not have the opportunity to tell where the seeds came frame. So your analysis must focus entirely on the seeds themselves. Take a good look. The seeds hold clues as to the kinds of plants they will produce.

The most important attribute of the seed is its size. Pick the seed that is biggest and fullest. Why is this? The seeds hold the storehouse of food and nutrients for the early development of the plant within. The larger seeds will be able to provide greater nourishment and therefore are likely to lead to a viable and healthy plant.

Also attempt to confirm the purity of the seeds you are considering purchasing. Unfortunately, seeds are often adulterated by seeds of an entirely different plant or a weaker strain. Try to make sure that the seeds you are considering are relatively clean so that you can visually inspect them and confirm that they look alike.

You also need to determine the age of the seeds. Ask for this information. Seeds are only viable for a number of years. How many determines on the type of plant it is. If you buy seeds that have exceeded their viability range you will waste time and money.

The seeds you choose for your garden are as important, if not more so, than how carefully you will care for and nurture your plants in the long run. Follow these tips to choose the right seeds for your garden.

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