Adding Paint Finishes to your Doors

Adding-Paint-Finishes-to-your-DoorsYou’ve just finished creating your door from scratch. Everything is sanded out, the trims and measurements are pin-point accurate, and you’re ready to install it. But wait, what about the finish of your door? If you aren’t familiar with a paint finish, here are some basic facts.

There are two different types of finishes that give your doors that final touch. You have wood stain and paint finishes. Both provide a glossy and “touched up” look to them. Here is a breakdown on how each finish looks when applied.

Wood stains have become a common option for interior doors. When you finish applying the stain on your door, it will give off a warm glow that’s perfect for the cozy setting that your rooms should have. The wood grains on the doors are emphasized which also gives it more detail. If you want options, stains are available in different colors and depending on the manufacturer, you can choose between a wide array of shades.

Adding a paint finish to your doors brings them to life with color. Different from wood staining, paint finishes work well for a contemporary feel. If you have a certain color already painted, you can match your door to that same color with a paint finish. If you want solidarity to your theme, go with a paint finish as you will have options to work with and a variety of colors to choose from.

For more information, speak with a door manufacturer as they will explain in detail what options that you have to choose from when purchasing a finish. The final touch to your door should be a magnificent one. Your doors’ finish is the cherry on top.

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