Build Your Own Dog Bed from Foam

Written by: Canada Foam by Mail

With winter time coming, it’s a perfect time for you to design a dog bed for your family pooch. Dogs love a warm place to sleep, and giving your dog his own bed will give him his own space at night. You don’t need much for this project. The work is also done in under a few hours, but you have to be careful about your measurements. You won’t need a memory foam bed, but it is recommended to use foam of some kind. The material is soft, resilient and affordable. Read on for tips to build and design your own dog bed.


You can build a dog bed out of the wood from shipping palletes, or you can go to your local hardware store and get some wood custom cut for your project. Draw the structure first, like a box with a lower lip at the front for the dog to crawl inside. Order custom cushions online cut to your dimensions, and cut your wood to the length you need. You will use nails and carpenter’s glue to seal the wood together.

Build a Structure

You begin your bed structure with the baseboards, spaced parallel from one another. Nail two boards perpendicular at each end, so you have a rectangle of baseboards. Then begin building the walls of your structure, with a board nailed at each of the four corners. The end result should look like an upside-down table with no face. Nail boards across the different sides of the bed, building the structure up board by board to make it flush on three sides. On the fourth side, you may only wish to use one or two boards, creating a shorter opening the dog can step through.


Once the structure is built, you need to consider bedding that can stand up to life outdoors. Your dog’s paws will cause damage too. Dog beds in Canada, for instance, tend to use foam and thicker blankets for warmth. Warmer climates might opt for polyester coverings with a foam cushion inside.


You can build a dog bed out of an old shipping palette if you have wood good enough for the job. For extra resilience throughout the year, try sealing the bed with water sealant of some kind. This will keep your dog bed in peak condition for several winters to come.

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