Finding the right custom cushions

Written by Canada Foam by Mail

After several years of use, your furniture cushions tend to lose some of their density and shape by becoming saggy. Slouched cushions lose a lot of their comfort as they do not provide adequate support to the body.

A solution to gaining back the comfort of your furniture is to go for custom cushions. By customizing your cushions you will have a better control on the quality of the foams and fabric used. Generally, foam manufacturing companies will provide you with the possibility of custom-cut foams depending on your foam replacement project.

High density foams are good solutions for a foam replacement project. They are made of a high concentration of open cell which makes it more comfortable to be used as a padding for cushions and mattresses. This particular type of foam holds its shape better and bounces back to its original shape quite quickly.

If you are looking for a custom outdoor cushions, you could consider looking for a fast-drying and durable foam. This type of foam tends to drain water very quickly instead of absorbing it and they can be anti-microbial as they prevent the growth of microorganisms.

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