How to add color to your garden?

Color is a vital element when designing or changing your outdoor space. Color can not only come from your flowers and foliage, but also from your pottery, furniture, fences and even artwork. Here are a few tips to creating a colorful garden that will suit your personality and preferences.

Neutrals – Make sure you are aware of your neutral shades which are white, black, grey, silver, brown and green. These colors will help to balance and tone done more dominant shades.

Understand white – White is a neutral color, but it is also a color that glows during the day as well as at night. Since most people are at work during the day, the only time they will get to enjoy their garden is at twilight. If you enjoy your garden at night, consider white furniture, walls and a healthy dose of white flowers and silver foliage.

Monochrome – This is an easy color palette to incorporate in any garden and will involve including a single color together to create a garden bed. For example, you can include a monochrome color scheme that is based on red and then branch into shades of pink, purple and orange.

Color mixing – Mixing different colors can seem intimidating, but it’s Start off by using a color wheel to understand the relationship between different colors. Combine colors that are next to each color on the color wheel as these colors blend well.