How to Freshen Up Your House for the Summer

Summary: Read below for some top tips on how to get your house freshened up for the summer.


With summer in full effect now is the time to freshen up your house and take care of any spring cleaning that you may have put off. Whether you want to host parties at your house or you simply want to dust off the cobwebs and give your house a fresh and bright look, there are several steps you can take to make your house more presentable. Continue reading for some ideas you can easily implement in your house today.


The Small Details


Updating your house does not necessarily require you to throw out your couches and tables. Before any big changes are made to the house, look around and see if there are any small items that can be replaced. The accessories in a house can make a big difference.


For example, if you want your house to have a brighter, more inviting feel, then it might be time to switch out your couch pillows, drapes, and table cloths for brighter, more colorful alternatives. These smaller, less obvious pieces can really make a room pop and be a breath of fresh air.


Let the Light In


A simple tip that can have big effects on how fresh your house feels is the lighting. If you have light bulbs that are dull, opt for brighter, LED light bulbs to make a room pop. During the day, however, do not be afraid to open the blinds and let the natural light in. Do not forget to clean your windows, as grime and water marks may have accumulated.



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