Materials Needed to Install a Door Jamb

Installing a door jamb isn’t nearly as complicated as you might think. It’s the perfect project for a do-it-yourself homeowner who wants to complete a task within a day. You also don’t need to buy or rent lots of specialized equipment in order to install a door jamb. With the equipment listed below, you’ll be able to easily put in any door jamb.

Table Saw: You need to make clean cuts in order to have a door jamb that fits cleanly. A table saw is the best way to get this. If you don’t have one, you should be able to rent or borrow one from a hardware store. If you can’t get access to a table saw, you can use a hand saw, sawhorses and carefully drawn lines.

Wood: The right type of wood to select for your door jamb is one that matches the wood that is already in your home. After the wood has been painted or stained, you want it to look as close to the existing wood as possible.

Measuring Tape: Even a few millimeters can be the difference between a door jamb fitting perfectly and being misaligned or not working properly.

Level: This ensures that the door jamb and the door are both level and that the door can fit into the door jamb smoothly.

Nail Gun: Using a nail gun to secure the door jamb to the wood frame is the fastest and most effective method. You can just use a hammer, but this will take longer. If you have swinging doors, you might consider screws instead of nails.

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