The Perfect Outdoor Cushions for the Winter

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

With the coming of winter, your porch might be offering a gloomy sight as you must have brought in all your outdoor furniture with the fear that they would get worn out by the snow. If you feel that your outdoors could use some furniture or if you tend to spend some time outdoors even in winter sipping some hot chocolate, you might want to invest in the right kind of cushions for winter.

For instance, you might want to choose your cushions cover in impermeable materials such as leather or plastic so that water and snow might not reach them. Cushions are normally prone to be damaged by water and other elements of nature such as the rain, wind or even snow. These cause accumulation of moisture in the foam which might in turn be the cause of proliferation of bacteria and mildew.

The right cushion for any outdoor use should therefore be durable having closed cell foams in order not to absorb too much moisture. The texture of the foam need also to be dense in order to last the years and not go saggy quickly. An advantage of using such kind of foam is that they require minimal care and maintenance. You would therefore not necessarily need to carry out regular cleaning with bleach.

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