Wet Patio Problem

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Hanging out in your patio can be an odd experience, especially the day after it rains. More often than not, every item you have in there can still be damp, moist, or even still really wet. Maybe the weather is still too humid for it to properly dry up or maybe the sun still isn’t out, that when you take a seat on your favourite outdoor couch, you sit on something wet. That’s because the foam inside the seat may still contain water, which is having a hard time evaporating itself due to its covered position. For most of these wet items, you can simply just wipe it off with a towel and you can use them again no problem, but for your patio cushion, you may have to switch it over to something that can dry faster than your usual sponge like foam.

One new technology that has been invented is dryfast foam which is a special foam mixture that does not hold water as well as other sponges, making it the best kind of seat cushion to be used for outdoor areas like your patio, balcony or garden. The best thing about them is that they are not even all that expensive to purchase. Almost all furniture manufacturers sell them as an option when you buy their wares, however if you’re looking to replace the foam by itself, then you can find some on online foam retailers, just specify the size and thickness you need and it’s merely a matter of waiting for it to arrive at your door.

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