5 Tips For Your Organic Garden

Back in the days, having an organic garden did not constitute of a choice. It was the only possibility. Organic gardening is gaining more appeal as it is safe for the environment and for insects living in your garden. The tips below might help you in your organic garden project.

  1. You can dry your herbs at the end of summer by bundling them together and tying them. You can then place them upside down to let them get enough sun. You might want to keep each bunch small in order to ensure that they are not compacted have a good circulation.

  1. In case you would not be using your finished compost in the near future, you can just cover your pile with a tarp. This would prevent the erosion of nutrients from the compost.

  1. When planting out a specific plant, whether fruits or vegetables, you might want to research on companion plants. These plants when planted alongside each other normally work together to replenish nutrients and to keep pests at bay.

  1. One of the best moment to water plants is in the morning. This helps to avoid powdery mildew from forming and also prevents the propagation of other fungal diseases that thrive in high humidity environments.

  1. The amount of nutrients and organic matter required by the soil depends on the plants and on their growing season. The longer the growing season, the more matter you would need to ensure that the soil is rich enough.