Why Seat Cushions for Your Patio Should Be Your Next DIY Project

DIY projects are a great way to save money and keep yourself occupied with a rewarding activity in your spare time. Many homeowners make DIY furniture or decorations for their outdoor and indoor living spaces. Although these are popular and worthwhile DIY projects, many DIY enthusiasts overlook the practicality of making new cushions with the materials and tools they have at home. Making DIY seat cushions can be worthwhile not only because you won’t have to keep buying replacement cushions, but also because you can customize your seat cushions according to your needs and preferences.

If you own patio furniture with a unique shape, it may be difficult to find replacement cushions that can fit your distinctive outdoor couch, bench, or lounging chair. Making DIY cushions gives you full control over the process so you can choose your cushions’ exact shape and dimensions. As long as you have a tape measure and a knife that can cut foam precisely, such as an electric knife, you can bring your ideas for cushion shapes to life. Take note of which method you will use to apply Dacron or fiberfill wrap since you can do this with glue or staples. The staple method creates cushions that look better, but it is more challenging and time-consuming.

Making DIY cushions also allows you to choose the type of foam inside your cushions. Not all types of foam have the same level of firmness or density, so it is important to know how your foam filling will feel when you sit on it. Foam companies such as The Foam Factory usually allow you to choose from several varieties of foam for your DIY projects. Based on your specific needs and preferences, some foam types may be better suited for your DIY cushions than others. For example, you may prefer The Foam Factory’s Super Soft Foam if comfort is your biggest concern. However, if your priority is your cushions’ longevity, you may want to invest extra in HD36 foam or other high-density, high-quality foam types that are designed to last more than a decade.

If you do decide to make seat cushions your next big DIY project, be sure to stay safe and take all necessary precautions when handling hot or sharp objects. It might also be a good idea to wear safety glasses while you work on your cushions.