A Low-Budget Way to Bring Your Couch Back to Life

A-Low-Budget-Way-to-Bring-Your-Couch-Back-to-LifeAre you sick of having a saggy couch? Is its appearance making you sick to your stomach? Well, for under $20 you can make your old, lifeless couch look as good as new.

You might seem skeptical at first but it’s actually fairly easy.

The first things that you’re going to need to take care of are the sofa covers. Be careful as the sofa foam may become entangled with the batting inside causing it to tear. Once the covers have been taken off completely, toss them in the washing machine – assuming they are machine-friendly.

Afterwards, you might see some white “fluff” all around your cushions. Carefully take it off while keeping it intact and bag them separately. If your couch foam is littered with old batting, you can simply take it outside and hit it repeatedly, the same way you would get dust off of your car mats.

This is the only time that you’re going to have to use money. Purchase at least 2-3 bags of quilt batting at your local retail store .This will bring the “oomph” back in to your couch.

Take your foam and wrap the batting around it like you are wrapping a gift. Once your first layer is completely around the foam, wrap another layer for added security and a smooth look.

By the time you’ve finished this task, your sofa covers should be out of the washing machine. Once dried, you can place them back on your cushions and arrange them back in order.

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