An Overview Of Rose Gardening Magazines

An Overview Of Rose Gardening Magazines

Article by James Kelly

There are several rose gardening magazines online that give exhaustive information on roses. You also have a wide choice of articles on different article websites, which can give almost any information on selecting, planting, and maintaining your roses. But, if you like the feel of a glossy magazine filled with stunning photographs and informative articles that you can carry around with you, you have a very limited choice. The American Rose is the only printed bi-monthly magazine completely devoted to everything about the rose kingdom. Published by the American Rose Society, the ‘American Rose’ is the only self-acclaimed exclusive rose gardening magazine in the world. This magazine caters to more than 15000 loyal subscribers located across the globe.Each issue has 84 pages and the special annual issue every Nov-Dec contains an additional 44 pages of excellent content. The American Rose Society regularly invites experienced rose gardeners to contribute to the magazine. Each article goes through careful scrutiny by the editors and you can be sure that the content is authoritative. The American Rose covers all aspects of rose gardening. It keeps you updated on the newest variety of roses and provides guidelines on selecting the best roses for your garden. The history of each rose, climate suitability, soil requirements, pest and disease prevention, control, and management, etc, is dealt with thoroughly. Every new issue has something of value for both beginners and veterans. You can opt for the trial membership of the American Rose Society and get two free issues of the American Rose magazine. If you would like to check it out before subscribing, take a peek at the free sample on their website. The trial membership is for four months and comes with several other offers.Several other printed magazines also cover roses in some of their issues. You will need to browse the content of these magazines before buying so you can be sure of getting information on rose gardening. Mother Earth News, Carolina Gardener, Fine Gardening, Florida Gardening, Better Home and Garden, Organic Gardening and the English Garden, are some of the popular gardening magazines that could give you high quality information on roses. These magazines receive rave reviews from their readers and promise you a good read.

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