Architectural Salvage For The Home And Garden

Architectural Salvage For The Home And Garden

Article by Susan Slobac

If you live in a vintage home, when it comes time to replace doors, windows and other decorative elements, it can be very challenging to match the architecture of the home with contemporary products. Instead, many homeowners choose the look for architectural salvage to match the look of their antique homes. Just as you would purchase antiques to furnish your period home, so too can you embellish the exterior with the appropriate antique salvage pieces.


Your front door is the first area that visitors will see when approaching your home. Because it is always on view, many homeowners choose to upgrade with an beautiful architectural antique door. A great deal of architectural reclamation occurs to make these doors structurally sound and historically finished so that the piece will serve well for many years to come. You could also take your current door and give it a vintage facelift with the addition of a new finish and antique salvage hardware, including the doorknobs and hinges. Doors appropriate for indoor use for bathrooms, closets and other areas can also be found by shopping at architectural salvage antiques stores.

Stained Glass

The beauty that comes from adding an exquisite piece of stained glass architectural salvage to your home is quite stunning. Handmade stained glass antique salvage pieces from yesteryear are pieces of artwork that can be displayed in the home or added to windows and doors.


If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then perhaps the windows are the soul of your home. Architectural antique windows are a hot-ticket item in decorating circles these days, and for good reason. Every home style, from Queen Anne, Folk Victorian, Tudor, Beaux Arts, Mission, Craftsman and others feature specific types of window styles that were typically used for each specific type of architecture. Finding architectural reclamation pieces that fit with the vintage of your home will truly make it look authentic, and will provide your family with savings in energy costs, because refurbished pieces will more reliably keep the cold out and the heat in your home.

Wrought Iron

Vintage antique salvage wrought iron pieces are sought after by discerning gardeners living in period homes. These wrought iron architectural salvage pieces are typically used for fencing, gates and balcony railings, but they also have other uses in the garden. From pieces of antique salvage wrought iron fencing, tables can be crafted using the iron pieces as legs, and with a marble tabletop attached it will surely be a unique piece that you will use every summer in your garden.

You can find architectural salvage antiques listed with online sellers.

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