Bamboo Fencing Styles for Your Home

Bamboo Fencing Styles for Your Home

Article by Ryan Frank

Bamboo works great for fencing because it adds a natural look to any backyard. Fences are good for privacy and crating borders, but the wrong kind of fence can be too distracting to a yard. Bamboo fences are great because they better complement the landscape with a natural approach. There are many styles to choose from, depending on which appeals to you. Consider the choices between these 5 great fencing options for your backyard.

Traditional Japanese Woven Bamboo Fence

Usually aligned in small patterns to suggest a border or provide a focal point to a Japanese garden, these fences provide a nice backdrop that protects while complements the nature. These fences provide enclosure while still looking open and inviting.

Natural Rolled Bamboo Fence

A natural fence that provides privacy without being too distracting from the environment, this fence features easy set-up. All you need to do is roll it out and install it. This fence takes a nice wood approach to offering the affordable privacy you’re looking for.

Mahogany Rolled Bamboo Fence

This fence combines that natural look of the bamboo fence with the dark tones of mahogany to create a more stained approach. This fence brings darker, subtler tones to the overall dimensions of your backyard, taking a dark approach while keeping with the natural enhancement of bamboo. Indeed, this fence blends well in the shadows.

Stand Alone Bamboo Fences

A little harder to install, stand alone fences are definitely worth the effort because they look like a more solid fence. You must first install a vertical framework of bamboo poles and then apply a more solid structure of bamboo than other bamboo fencing styles. This fence will last forever if well taken care of. Bamboo makes for good construction materials, making any kind of fence imaginable.

Misu Style Bamboo Fence

A classic screening fence with no gaps, the Misu style fence consists of bamboo poles supported by half-round rails attached by ties. This fence provides good privacy while instilling a natural look into the beauty of the backyard. This traditional fence has stood the test of time. As the fastest growing plant in the world, bamboo creates sustainable fencing options. With a strength that’s stronger than steel and many hardwoods, bamboo fences are built to last forever. Choose the kind that’s right for you. If it’s treated properly, bamboo can provide centuries of use and pleasure.

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