Before Installing a Wood Front Door: What You Need to Know

Wood doors are an expensive investment, but they can really pay off when it comes time to update the look of your home. Wood doors have a kind of look that you can’t get with fiberglass or steel. Though they do require some maintenance, there are plenty of reasons to own one. Here is what you need to know before you install your new front door.


The first thing you need to know about wood doors is that the finish is unlike any other style. It’s a high-end look that can completely transform any doorway. From modern and angular styles to faded and rustic, wood doors can do it all. They are also easy to repair and easy to maintain. Wood doesn’t conduct temperature as well, which is also a downside, but the plus is that wood doors generally remain warm to the touch.


Wood can splinter if it is not properly maintained, which is something you should do about once a year. It’s not the most energy efficient of materials, so you shouldn’t expect your power bill to go down by much when you install one. Even if it’s a thicker door. Wood doors also fade in direct exposure to sunlight.


Well-maintained wood doors will last for many years, and they can add significant value to a home. Wood doors can fit either rustic or modern styles, and there are multiple woods to choose from. Mahogany doors are the most common, but knotty alder doors have a naturally lighter color that goes well when contrasted with a darker room.

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