Consider Medallions for Your Home

Are you looking for easy and affordable ways to liven up your home?  If so, you should consider installing medallions in your home.  Believe it or not, medallions look great in homes and properties of all different shapes and sizes.  You don’t have to live in a mansion in order to have a medallion in your home.

Medallions add a splash of flavor and class to your home and today they are very affordable.  There are many different types of medallions including a backsplash medallion which typically goes behind the stove in the kitchen.  You can also look into floor and ceiling medallions as well.  There is a wide variety of ways to use medallions.  Medallions often look great in kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, and bathrooms.

Medallions can be placed in many different locations within and around the home including entryways, the middle of a master bathroom or bedroom, a fireplace hearth, the ceiling and in the dining room.  Kitchens and bathrooms are great rooms for medallions because those rooms don’t typically hold a lot of artwork in them.  You might be surprised to know that it’s becoming popular to add medallions to backyards and the outside of a home.  Many families are installing medallions on their backyard patios.

Medallions can completely transform the look of a plain wall or floor into a classy center that calls for attention.  It’s best to consider the size and style that works best with the appearance of your home.  Medallions often look wonderful with high ceilings, but that is not a requirement.  Nearly any room can benefit from installing a medallion.

Today medallions come in many different styles and designs.  You can choose a marble medallion made with floral designs, a compass, or Renaissance-style designs.  Once you’ve decided where to put the medallion, you need to decide what design, shape and colors you want.  Popular shapes include circles, diamonds, squares and octagons.  Many feature geometric designs such as stars, pinwheels, mandalas, and compasses.  It is also possible to have a custom picture or design created.

Prior to selecting the colors of your medallion, you should evaluate the color scheme of the room or environment.  It’s a good idea to decide if you want the medallion to be the center of attention in a particular room or area or if you only want it to add a little flavor.


Medallion Depot is a manufacturer of decorative medallions, including stone medallions.  Look at their website for more information.