Different Types of Glass Doors

You have many different options when you are selecting the right type of glass door to install in your home. Which type is right for you will likely come down to where the door will be installed and how that door will be used. Here is a quick look at some of the most common types of glass doors and where they are most commonly used:

Basic Glass: This is the most affordable glass door you can purchase. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the glass used is low quality — there can be a major difference in quality and construction between different types of “basic” glass doors. One thing to look for is if the door is “double paned” — this means that it has two layers of glass for extra protection against the elements.

Tempered Glass: A tempered glass door is sometimes known as safety glass because it is far more durable than a regular glass door and is designed not to shatter. Tempered glass is created by rapidly heating and cooling the glass during its production. This is often used for glass doors in showers.

Beveled Glass: Beveled glass doors feature colorful shapes and designs created by the sunlight hitting the glass. This happens when the sunlight hits the edge of the glass, which has been carved into triangular elements that create the same effect as a prism.

Frosted Glass: No other type of glass door offers more privacy than frosted glass. These glass doors are “cloudy,” allowing light to come in but not letting people see through clearly to the other side. Frosted glass is often use at the top of doors where people want sunlight to come in but want to maintain their privacy.

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