Disney Autopia Tickets and Cypress Garden Tickets

Disney Autopia Tickets and Cypress Garden Tickets

Article by Megha Poddar

Orlando is a major city in central Florida, USA and consider as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. The main reason behind the popularity of Orlando is the entertainment resort, ‘Walt Disney World’. The Disneyland is famous for its theme parks and their rides. There are various things to do from adventure rides to peaceful walk in the gardens. Autopia is such riding experience which give a real feel of adventure and on the other side Cypress Garden is well know for its beautiful surroundings and happenings.

Autopia is an oldest serving Attraction of Tomorrowland. The Autopia is a racing track for mini gas powered sport cars and the track is situated between monorail station and Innoventions. Guests drive their cars around a 2000′ track at death defying speeds of up to seven miles per hour. This attraction is mainly target to the young children, but for that drive child must be 52″ or taller to drive alone. There are 124 different cars are available in three different designs and various colors. Autopia is a four minutes ride. Each car has one accommodation for adult and one for child. Kids who qualify the height criteria get a chance to drive a car alone. This wonderful ride gives a unique experience to the kids, who can not drive car due to under age for license. The Autopia Tickets make you dream to ride car in early age possible and these Autopia tickets are available at our website.

Cypress Garden is considered as one of the best gardens in Orlando. This attraction of Orlando offers gardens, shows, rides, concerts and events. Comical pirates, water skiing, animal shows and even seasonal treats are daily happenings in the garden. Cypress Garden also offers different rides for fun. These rides include five roller coasters, railroad, toddler village, Ferris wheel, a double-decker carousel, railroad, spinning rapids, and more. The Garden is spread in 35 acres of land and home of exotic plants, phenomenal floral displays, manicured lawns, peaceful trails, home-style gazebos, bubbly waterfalls and more. This area is a home of more than 300 wonderful creatures of animal world. The park entry is possible through Cypress Garden Tickets and these Orlando Attractions Ticket are available in our website. Just visit it.

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