Fixing Your Slab Foam Cushions

Fixing-Your-Slab-Foam-CushionsSagging sofa seat cushions can be displeasing both in comfort and aesthetics, however you can usually fix the problem with minimal effort. The lack of support makes it more difficult to get up, and can even make your couch appear older than it is.

First, remove the slab from the cover and the outer wrap from the slab as well if there is one. Then, press your finger into the foam and drag it across the surface. If tiny particles are breaking off, the foam is beginning to disintegrate and the entire slab should be replaced.

When replacing the entire slab of foam, ensure the replacement is about a half an inch longer than the cover in both length and width. Add batting and foam adhesive, wrap the slab and replace it in the cover. This will ensure that your cushion will have renewed springiness.

If there are no signs of disintegration, but your cushion is still sagging, you will only need to add a couple supporting pieces of foam. To do this, take the unwrapped slab and cut two ½ inch thick pieces of foam with the same length and width. Glue one to the top and the other to the bottom, then add batting and wrap it again.

A final option is to purchase a new sofa foam replacement that goes well with your couch. This will be the most expensive fix, but is great if your foam slab and cover are both starting to deteriorate.

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