Four Uses for Foam in the Garden

Knee GuardsWritten by: Foam Factory, Inc.

Think the garden is the last place you’d find foam? Think again. Foam does a lot more than make for a good decoration, and you don’t have to look too far in your backyard to find places where foam could be useful to you. Foam rolls, for instance, can make excellent grips for those wooden hand tools that leave blisters on hands. That’s not the only use for foam. Read on for tips on how to make foam a useful staple in your garden and backyard.


Custom outdoor cushions can turn old patio furniture into bright new pieces. Even plastic Adirondack chairs look spruce with a cushion and some new fabric sewn on. If you have a specific color scheme or design in mind, then this tactic is a sure winner.

Knee Guards

When you order custom cushions, order an extra foam sheet and cut it to fit your knees. You can use hot glue to affix the foam sheet to an elastic band for DIY knee pads. The foam sheet will likely last longer than the nylon will keep its elasticity. Foam is also very dense, which means it will absorb plenty of punishment from the ground as you slide around to get your gardening done.

Pet Bed

Man’s best friend should always be by his side, and upholstery foam from Canada makes it affordable and easy to create a pet bed from scratch. Foam is an excellent substance for pet beds because it can withstand dogs and cats dragging nails across the surface.