Fun Garden Features to Make Yours Unique

Everyone loves having a garden. It can be an extremely rewarding experience to harvest your own fruits and vegetables, knowing you’re eating healthier and that you grew them all yourself. Likewise, everyone likes showing off what beautiful roses, tulips and other flowers their knowledge, dogged determination and hard work grew. Gardening can be a very peaceful activity as well—a great opportunity to re-connect with nature. For many of us, we get a sense of pride from having our garden stand out from the rest. If you’d like some easy tips on how to do so, keep reading.

Consider adding water to your garden to set it apart from the rest and make it even more peaceful and relaxing. Nowadays, it’s extremely easy to add a self-contained fountain that will add a great touch to the environment and even bring some welcomed guests who will use it as a bird bath.

Everyone has seen garden gnomes and pink flamingos added to a garden. While some might consider this tacky, there are still plenty of other decorating options you can add to help add some character to your garden. Modern sculptures, for example, can provide a fun look. But you needn’t stop at obvious choices. Any object that can stand up to the elements can find a home in your garden. Gardeners have let plants  grow around the helmets of their favorite football teams, old car parts and even unused gardening tools for a look that creates pretty cool juxtaposition.