Garden Party Planning

Garden Party Planning

Article by Zoe Fernandez

Throwing a garden party is a great way to celebrate a special occasion outdoors. It is also the perfect time to show off your beautiful garden that you have worked so hard on.

If you are considering a garden party then here are some tips from someone who has assisted in planning a small wedding reception of less than fifty people in a small backyard.,

Before you start arranging tables and getting your container garden planters all filled with flowers, you should get a solid head count. How many guests will you have over? You should think about the size of your garden or backyard area, and ask yourself: how many people will it fit?

You may already know how many people you want to invite for the party, but how many people will your backyard realistically accommodate?

You need to be honest with yourself and prepare for the maximum amount of people that will show up.

For instance, if you invite fifty people to the reception and fifty people show up when your backyard only comfortably holds about forty, then you might have a problem.

Be honest with yourself and trim down your guest list to the bare minimum. This is especially a must if you are having a sit down meal.

If the party is just drinks and cake, then you have more breathing room, but even then, your guests will want to sit down.To be fair, try and keep your head count low.

Next, you need to plan your layout and table settings. Think about the size of your tables and where you will place them. It will be extremely helpful to prepare a diagram of your tables and where every accessory table will go.

This will make the big day easier on you, and anyone who helps you will know where you want your tables to go.

What if the weather turns sour? As always, you should have a backup, emergency plan prepared in case the weather does not cooperate with you. You should also have your home ready to receive guests in case this happens.

If you prepare your floors in advance for party guests, you will have less cleaning up to do after the party. You can easily do this by buying some inexpensive carpet runners to protect your floors and carpet from the foot traffic.

This is a good idea to do anyway, because your guests will need to come inside your home to use the bathroom. This is just an added precaution to prevent mud or dirt on your floors.

Do your guests have a place to park during your party? If you live on a large ranch then this is not a problem. If you live in a neighborhood where parking is not readily available, you should talk to your neighbors and ask them if they do not mind your guests parking in front of their home.

This is just a common courtesy and will prevent any misunderstandings and alert your neighbors to your party. They will appreciate your consideration and even more so if you save them some cake!

You party can be a big success with proper planning and organization. Start ahead of time and you and your guests will have a wonderful and stress free event.

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Find container garden planters to decorate your garden for your party or buy a garden gnome to nestle among your plants and flowers and serve as a cute icebreaker for your guests.

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