Grow Closets Provide The Perfect Environment For Growing Fruits, Vegetables And Flowers

Grow Closets Provide The Perfect Environment For Growing Fruits, Vegetables And Flowers

Article by Wayne Hemrick

If you have less than ideal growing conditions at your home or apartment for growing your favorite plants, and who does not as we are going into the colder winter months, you can still grow fantastic fruits, vegetables and flowers easily, by growing them indoors in a growing closet. A grow closet, which is also known as a grow tent, basically gives you ideal indoor growing conditions for all types of plants. Now you are no longer tied to the calendar or the outdoor thermometer when it comes to planting and growing your favorite plants, because you control all of the environmental factors yourself in grow closets, and thus you can make sure that conditions are right for any type of plants that you wish to grow.

A grow tent system consists of a durable outer material that is held in place by steel structural supports, much as a tent is that you would use for camping. Inside the grow closets, you can have your choice of a growing system that uses soil, or a soilless growing system, known as a hydroponic gardening system. The growing closet will usually have some type of exhaust and venting system in place, in order to keep the air circulating and to remove any odors. Shelves may be in place and a lighting system, which can incorporate high-intensity discharge grow lights or LED lights. You then place your choice of fruit, vegetable or flowering plants into the growing system, and begin feeding and watering them. Zippers are used to close the outer covering of the grow closets, enclosing the space and making it so that you can completely control the air temperature inside, making it so the grow closet perfectly suits the types of plants you grow, which leads to quick results from your plants.

You might choose to grow small fruit inside your grow tent. Perhaps strawberry shortcakes are calling to you. You can easily grow strawberry plants inside your growing closet, and in a short time be enjoying their succulent fruit.

When summer temperatures fade away in the fall, so too do your favorite vegetables and flowers grown outdoors, but this need not be the case when you use a grow closet. You can grow vegetables such as lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, as well as flowers such as dahlias or roses, and many others in your indoor growing closet, even during the cold months.

If you want to learn more about how a grow closet works and what your options are for different sizes of systems available, you can visit an indoor gardening supplier online.

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