Growing a home garden for your pet

Pets sometimes intuitively eat plants when they are not feeling well. Since pets nowadays are mostly indoors, it is a good idea to have some plants that your pet can eat to make them feel better. Consider including some of the following plants in a separate area so that your pet can get to it whenever they need to eat plants with medicinal value. Here are a few inexpensive plants that are pet approved.

Burdock herb – If your pet suffers from allergies, digestive or kidney issues, Burbrook is a good option. Look at growing it in rich soil but plant it in a shallow pot so that it doesn’t get too large.

Milk thistle – Milk thistle is great for liver disorders and requires little to no maintenance. It can be grown in wet or dry soil but will need partial sun. Remember to remove the flowering heads to reduce the plant from becoming too weedy.

Peppermint – Plant your peppermint tree in rich, moist soil. This versatile herb will grow well in both sun or shade and is useful for indigestion and nausea. To encourage healthy growth, cut the springs back regularly.

Astragalus herb – Astragalus herb is used to decrease blood sugar, lower blood pressure and help with digestion. Remember to scratch the seeds before planting them in sandy soil.

Garlic grass – Garlic grass can be grown indoors or out and can be planted from a bulb. Start off by pushing the herb into good quality soil with the pointed side up.