How to Choose Healthy Plants

homegardenadvices july 2016Most often all plants at a nursery look lush and healthy. However, at times you may find that you have brought home a not so healthy plant. Here are some tips on how to select healthy plants that will grow.

Quality of Nursery – Scan the nursery and look to see if the majority of plants are healthy and taken care of.

Foliage – If you have selected a plant, look to see if its foliage is green, shiny and lush. Avoid plants that are wilting and yellow. This is an indication that the plant is stressed.

Shape – Look at the shape of the plant. A healthy plant should be full and have multiple stems. Taller plants are not always healthier, as it may mean that the plant has been straining for light.

Insects & Disease – Look for signs of insects and disease. Check the front and backs of the plant’s leaves for spots and discolouration.

Root System – Check the plants roots. If the plant is potted, look for roots growing out of the bottom. This is an indication that the pot is too small and the plant is being stressed.

Stem Damage – Look for a thick woody stem, with no cracks or scars.

Weeds – If the pot has weeds, it means the plant is competing for nutrients and therefore could be undernourished.

Buds & Flowers – Choose a plant in bud, than in flower, as it will transplant and thrive better when planted.