How to Choose the Right Type of Artificial Grass

Choosing the appropriate type of artificial grass can be somewhat of an overwhelming process due to the wide selection of products on the market today.  There are a few key qualities to look for when searching through various artificial grass lawns.  First and foremost, it’s important to find a reputable manufacturer that makes their products out of the highest quality and safest materials available.

Here are some of the key factors to evaluate prior to selecting a particular type of artificial turf:

1) Foot traffic: One of the most important things to evaluate is how much foot traffic you expect on your turf.  For example, if you’re looking for turf for a sports arena, you need a product that can handle a heavy amount of traffic.  However, home lawns don’t always require as much durability.  Another important factor to consider here is the type of weather near your home.

2) Price: It’s important to find a price that you’re comfortable with.  Many companies offer a free quote which will allow you to compare and find the best price possible.

3) Quality: It’s crucial to test the quality of a product prior to purchasing it.  Artificial turf products are made of a higher quality than they were many years ago.  Many companies will offer samples so that you can both see and feel the product ahead of time.

4) Appearance and authenticity: As far as appearance, you want to consider the color.  There is a wide selection of colors for these products.  It’s suggested to place a sample in front of your property and see how it affects the appearance of your house.  It’s also important to find a product that looks as natural as possible.  You don’t want it to be obvious that you have fake grass.  Test out how the product feels also.  It should feel sturdy, but soft enough to pass for real grass.

5) Company background: It’s a good idea to research where to buy artificial grass.  Find a company that you trust and ask them questions before selecting them.  You can ask about product guarantees and any delivery or installation charges. Many companies will allow you to see their portfolio of prior jobs they’ve done as well.  Find a company that really knows what they’re doing and it’s okay to inspect the end result on the day of installation.  If there are any issues, don’t hesitate to let the company know about it.


Guest post is submitted by CCGrass Landscapes.  Check out their website for information on finding synthetic turf from an international company.