Hydroton Grow Rocks For Gardening

Hydroton Grow Rocks For Gardening

Article by Susan Slobac

Gardeners have a saying that beautiful gardens start with beautiful dirt. You might not think of the stuff that sticks to your shoes during a rainstorm as beautiful, but to gardeners who work hard to achieve the perfect growing conditions for their favorite plants can attest, working on your garden’s soil is one of the best steps you can take to have healthy plants that flourish, producing glorious foliage and flowers. One way to improve your garden success is to use appropriate soil amendments, and one of those that you should consider is hydroton grow rocks.

Hydroton grow rocks are made of clay. As anyone who has a garden that contains clay, and that is most people in northern states, clay holds onto water very well. Since Hydroton grow rocks are made from clay pebbles, they also provide ample water storage capacity.

hydroton clay brings other beneficial qualities for those who use it for container gardening. Hydroton clay is odorless, which is an excellent attribute if you are gardening indoors in a home or greenhouse. Hydroton is also very clean, making it much easier to work with than other types of soils and garden amendments.

Preventing pests from entering your container garden soil is a major obstacle facing gardeners. Hydroton grow rocks can be used to prevent soil pests from gaining a hold in your container soil. Because the Hydroton clay pebbles are perfectly round, they make it easy for your plant roots to receive enough oxygen, and this quality also helps to prevent root rots from too much water saturation in the soil. By using Hydroton grow rocks, you will also help to prevent excess acidity in your soil. This has to do with the pH of your soil. Certain plants prefer acidic soils, while others prefer more alkaline soils, so if you wish to grow blueberries or tomatoes, you will need very acidic soil, whereas many vegetables, including lettuce, beets and spinach, prefer only lightly acidic soils for optimal growth.

Hydroton expanded clay media can be used for hydroponic gardening as a type of growing medium for growing vegetables and flowers. Gardeners also use Hydroton expanded clay media for decoration, especially as a top layer of soil for your indoor containers. Hydroton expanded clay media is perfect for use in hydroculture, a form of hydroponics that uses capillary action to allow the nutrient solution to get to the plant roots. hydroton expanded clay media can also be used in hydroponic gardening to anchor plants.

Hydroton is available online via hydroponic gardening supply outlets.

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