Organic Gardening Books – The Ultimate Alternative Medium to Reading Books on Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening Books – The Ultimate Alternative Medium to Reading Books on Organic Gardening

Article by Rob Ethrington

Looking for some quality organic gardening books? You know what; I suggest you stop looking right away. Take it from me okay?

I’ve purchased 3 so-called “in depth” books on organic gardening. Those books were pretty informative yes, however, when it came to step-by-step application – those books failed miserably!

The tutorials in those books, especially the part about how to set up a vegetable garden at home, was not laid out in a beginner-friendly way. In fact, those organic gardening books made me even more confused than before!

Thankfully, there was a light at the end of the tunnel…

See, one day I was browsing through a gardening discussion site, and of one of the members suggested that I watch video tutorials on setting up an organic vegetable garden. “Ditch those confusing instructional organic gardening books”, that’s what he said…

Let me tell you, that was a top-class suggestion! Indeed, watching detailed video tutorials was so much better than referring those stuffy books.

They are the ultimate alternative medium to books! Now, don’t get me wrong…I absolutely love reading books, but when it comes to DIY matters, step-by-step video tutorials are king.

Thanks to the videos which I downloaded to my computer, I get to see in crystal clear detail about how to build and organic vegetable garden using a scientifically proven formula known as ecological gardening.

I bet most organic gardening books don’t even know about this little-known gardening technique. You see, I ‘m hopelessly in love with this gardening technique…

For one, it’s extremely easy to set up. Plus it helps my vegetable garden produce more organic food. Yes, that’s true…the ecological gardening process can actually produce many times more than a conventional vegetable garden.

This gardening process is set up using a specific edible planting arrangement. Look, let me put it this way…

If you set up your vegetable garden using the ecological gardening process, your garden will turn into a living, breathing ecosystem.

The result?

You’ll have an organic vegetable garden that’s very prolific, requires near zero maintenance (only a few hours per year), zero tillage and is completely self-perpetuating.

So I suggest you forget about finding organic gardening books and start watching video tutorials on setting up a low maintenance yet prolific organic vegetable garden.

Download details for video tutorials and printable project plan can be found here:

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