Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Written by: Wicker Paradise

Looking for the next piece of furniture to completely revamp your patio? If you are looking to remodel, you might want to consider wicker patio furniture. It’s lightweight, holds up well against the elements and offers a modern-looking design that will mesh well with nearly any other piece in your backyard. Here are some ideas to revolutionize your seating area just in time for the snows to melt and the flowers to bloom.

Seating and Lounging

If you opt for at least one larger piece, you’ll have room to both rest and host gatherings. Many people start with an outdoor wicker sofa, then build around that with sectionals or tables. Since the cushions are interchangeable, it’s easy to match any color. If you opt for standard colors, like black or brown, you’ll find it’s much easier to match as well.

Another good idea is to use an outdoor wicker sectional, which can seat up to 4 comfortably with room for one of you to lay about.


If you don’t want to spend the money to make an overhang for your roof, you have many options that are far less permanent. Sun blockers come in many forms, from the sun tent that fits over your patio area to sun shielding screens designed to hang from whatever overhang you do have. You can even erect pillars, which some people do to mount misters, and hang the sun shades from there.


The final component is one we typically don’t associate with summer, but most of us experience cold nights all the same. Your cheapest option is a fire pit, but it might not provide the kind of warmth you want without presenting a fire hazard for your overhang. In that situation, a standing propane heater might be worth the investment.