The Basics of a Construction Turnaround

Refineries rely on cutting edge technology to be able to produce at optimal rates without overloading. If a refinery were to overload, there could be serious damage to the environment around that facility. Great care is taken to make sure that refineries remain in working order, and most machinery has a strict lifespan. Operators run their businesses knowing that everything they use has a lifespan, which means construction turnaround services are baked into every refinery’s bottom line and operational expectations.

A turnaround is a fast shut down that occurs for the purpose of upgrading or repairing technology crucial to the refinery’s operations. The emphasis is on speed because time is literally money in this case. Consider this: you run an oil and gas production company. One of your facilities needs an upgrade. You can’t really spend a lot of time, so most firms hire construction & turnaround services to do the job for them.

Companies like Lyle Charles Consulting assess the scope of work, provide estimates, workers who are highly skilled in handing heavy machinery or hazardous waste as needed, and ultimately get the job done under extremely strict deadlines.

These people are not superhuman, though. Give them a few months to a year to plan for the turnaround, and make sure you as the business owner have money set aside to do the work. Even investment companies and hedge funds buying factories have to take these into consideration.

This isn’t the kind of job that any contracting company can do; it requires skilled employees who can handle the complicated aspects of a refinery or factory. Most of these companies opt for construction mediation to settle disputes as well, which cuts down on the project costs when delays and problems arise.