The Benefits of Synthetic Grass for Playgrounds

Artificial grass is quickly replacing natural grass at playgrounds, parks and day care centers. Find out why so many people prefer fake grass over natural lawns.

Whether you’re a landscape architect, parks and recreation executive or child care center director, it is important that you select a high-quality playground surface that is safe, durable and aesthetically pleasing for your playground. This is why many people are investing in specially designed fake grass for playgrounds. Here are just some of the benefits of installing fake grass at playgrounds, parks and day care centers.

Safe foundation: According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), 60 percent of playground injuries are the result of falls to the ground. However, synthetic grass designed for playgrounds are manufactured from soft and forgiving polyethylene featuring a 100 percent crumb rubber infill. This combination produces a protected surface that is safer than sod, wood chips and sand.

Maintenance-free: An artificial lawn for playgrounds is designed to be durable, meaning that the surface will withstand the effects of ultraviolet degradation, heat, foot traffic, water and airborne pollutants. You can also say goodbye to mowing, watering, weeding and other maintenance costs.

Disability-friendly: By law, public facilities including parks and playgrounds must be accessible for people with motion challenges and other impairments. Artificial turf is designed to offer a smooth, consistent surface that is accessible by wheel chairs and walkers.

Visually appealing: One of the best features of artificial grass is that it is visually attractive, thereby enhancing the play value of the playground, park or day care center environment. Artificial grass looks and feels like natural grass, yet comes without the inconsistencies such as dead grass spots, lawn fungus, weeds and other common problems.

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