The Convenience & Beauty of Artificial Grass

Written by Artificial Turf Supply Commercial and Residential Division.

Millions of homeowners have come to love their synthetic lawns. After installing them, they are seeing the convenience and beauty that can come from having synthetic turf instead of natural grass. Now a growing number of schools around the world are learning that the same benefits to having artificial grass in your backyard also apply to school play areas. More schools than ever are opting for artificial turf as a safe and cost-effective alternative to natural grass or concrete.

There are several reasons for school administrators to consider synthetic grass as a replacement or addition to existing natural grass and concrete play areas:

Safety: Concrete playground areas are dangerous. When playing on concrete, a slip and fall can easily turn into a skinned knee or elbow — or even something more serious. Even natural grass can get dry and packed in the summer or frozen in the winter, making them hard surfaces when kids fall. By contrast, artificial turf specifically designed for school use typically has a soft layer underneath designed to absorb heavy impacts and reduce the risk of injuries.

Cleanliness: No school wants to deal with cleaning up after students who track mud and dirt back into the classroom after recess. Replacing grassy play areas with artificial turf eliminates the problem. Kids can’t get muddy and dirty because there’s simply no dirt. Parents will appreciate not having dirty kids to pick up at school as well. Artificial turf play areas are also easy to clean up if a child has an accident.

Reduced Maintenance Costs: Switching to artificial turf play areas means much less maintenance for school staff. Maintenance crews will never have to worry about mowing the grass on a regular basis or turning on sprinklers on a daily basis to keep the lawn wet. In addition, school playground grass usually gets torn up by heavy play during a school year, often requiring significant reseeding or sodding over the summer. This never has to happen with artificial turf, which can last for decades without needing more than occasional watering and minor maintenance such as sweeping off old leaves and monitoring for cuts or scrapes.

Year-Round Fun: No child wants to cooped up inside because their recess area is too muddy to play on. Swapping out natural grass for artificial grass ensures that kids can go out and play soon after a rainstorm ends without having to worry about getting too muddy or damaging the play area.

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