The Importance of Organic Pesticides

It would be great to live in a world where pesticides weren’t necessary. But the truth of the matter is Mother Nature cares just as much about your prized tulips as she does about all the pests that want to eat it. So you’ll need to work hard in order to keep your favorite plants safe. Fortunately, there are a number of organic options that will keep you and Mother Nature happy.

Insecticidal soap is one such option. It comes filled with fatty acids that actually attack the exoskeleton of the insects that prey on your plants. They penetrate through that protection and make the cells inside collapse.

Another option is Bacillius Thuringiensis or Bt for short. It usually comes in a powder that is actually comprised of over 80 kinds of bacteria. When a bug consumes this powder, the bacteria go to work inside its stomach by making it no longer hungry. Eventually, then, starvation takes over and they die.

With Neem you have a spray you’ll want to apply to the leaves of the plants you’re looking to protect. This non-toxic option attacks the hormonal system of the bugs it comes in contact with. By doing so, these insects can’t reach full maturity. This is a great way from stopping a young insect problem from getting worse or even keeping some from going through metamorphosis.

It’s important to know that just because they’re organic doesn’t mean these options don’t come with their own risks. Be sure to read each label carefully and apply them with caution.