Trimetals: Home gardening essentials

Trimetals: Home gardening essentials

Article by Jamie Cook

If you’ve just moved into a property with a bare garden – or just let yours grow wild for a little too long – then before you can start to dig in and get your fingers green, you’ll need to sort out a few essentials:

Garden Storage

Before you start getting any of the tools and supplies for your new hobby in horticulture, you need to make sure you’ve got somewhere to store them. Whilst some lucky households may have enough room inside for gardening tools and supplies such as compost, slug repellent and other useful products, this has certain downsides – mess. Even if you only did your gardening in dry, sunny weather you’d still bring in dirt, debris and other mess every time you come back into the house to grab some supplies.

With that in mind, outside garden storage is recommended for all dedicated gardeners – in other words, a shed. Now, depending on the size of your land and the layout of your property, you’ll have different needs and can get different things from this kind of storage. Some properties may be able to use this storage for other things, such as bicycles, sporting kit or camping equipment. Others may find it more practical to simply use this for the garden itself.

Garden Tools

Now that you’ve got somewhere to put them, it’s time to turn to the items which will help you transform even the most barren or overgrown terrain into your own well-ordered personal bit of nature. The most basic of these is a spade; without this, you can give up any hope of ever planting something and seeing it grow. Then there’s a watering can – despite the UK’s reputation for poor weather, no garden populated by anything but weeds will make it through summer without constant watering. If you can hook one up, a hose may be a decent alternative – but keep in mind that these can be banned if its too dry.

Beyond these basic items, you’ll need something a little more expensive – and something which will make the storage in your garden extremely worthwhile; a lawnmower. Depending on the size of your garden this could be anything from an old-fashioned hand operated model, to a hand-held trimmer typically used for borders – to the more common plug-in and push models, or even a petrol powered machine.

Less obvious items include gardening gloves – thick to prevent thorns and errant tools from cutting the skin – as well as a pitchfork and a trowel. The former will help you keep your dirt and any new compost turned and fresh for new plants, whilst the latter is vital when it comes to actually filling your garden with flora.

Garden Supplies

Rather than detail what plants offer a good start, it might be better to simply point you in the direction of some essential items to keep in stock throughout the year. You may not use a lot of these – they may last you years – but they’re incredibly useful. Compost for example is vital to getting new introductions to take root in your property; likewise, plant food can help struggling plants become self-sustaining on the sunlight and water alone. Finally, insect – and particularly slug – repellent will help keep your garden free of the parasites inevitably drawn to them.

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