What makes a great outdoor furniture set

Your home furniture selection reflects your personality, your preferences, and the aesthetic that you want for your home. However, there are some basic tenets that you should follow when choosing your wicker outdoor furniture. Here are some basic things to look for when making your choice:


The most important characteristic you want form your outdoor furniture is durability. Wicker is beautiful, looks great in almost all settings, and is comfortable. However, for maximum durability, you will need to go with synthetic wicker and avoid natural plant materials like rattan. Outdoor furniture can take a beating from extreme weather conditions, and synthetic wicker will last much longer outdoors.

Glass Tabletop

An outdoor wicker dining set is a perfect way to get outside and have the family together. One good piece of advice is to go with a wicker dining table with a glass top. When you have a glass top, it is much easier to clean and to use for other work. Also, you won’t need as many deep cleans, because food particles won’t fall and get stuck.


Even with the durability of synthetic wicker, you want to move it into storage during winter and harsh weather conditions. Even alternating conditions, like from extreme heat to extreme heat can be damaging. Stackable furniture makes life a lot easier when you can stack all the chairs and sometimes even fit them under the table

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