Who Else Wants to Discover Fresh Herb Gardening?

Who Else Wants to Discover Fresh Herb Gardening?

Article by Tyler Jaysen

If you are considering growing your own fresh herbs to use at home, there are some pretty easy ways to get started. It isn’t like growing a full blown vegetable garden, but there is a right way and a wrong way to grow a home herb garden. It really is just a matter of some basic understanding of how to grow good herbs. Technically, nearly any annual, shrub, tree or perennial is considered an herb. Today, due to gourmet cooking herb gardens cover what is considered to be culinary herbs. The following information is intended to help you with the basics and is a short getting started guide to growing your own home herb garden.

Depending on your particular needs for an herb garden you can choose to grow an indoor garden or an outdoor garden. An indoor herb garden is a little easier to maintain and is sufficient for a small family to use for cooking purposes. Keep in mind, some herbs are even good for making your own essential oils and/or even home made aromatherapy. For the purposes of this article, though, we will stick to the basics of growing a home garden and getting started.

Typical culinary herbs for a starter home garden can include such herbs as sage, basil, chives, dill, lavender, mint, thyme, borage and a few other basic starter herbs. You can find these herbs in seed form or in a starter plant form online. Shopping for herbs online is the best way to find the best selection and get what you want to start your herb garden.

When your herbs are fully grown and ready, you can dry them save them up for the winter by cutting off the top leafy parts (from those that are of a leafy variety). You can simply wash them, allow them to dry and properly store them until you need them for cooking. You can also save them for seeding again next year. You can use herbs from your own home herb garden to season just about anything you cook or bake. Herbs are especially great for seasoning meat. You can find more information about what to start with and how to grow and use herbs online. Happy herb gardening to you!

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