Wild Animals Near Your House

By Farm Supply Store

While you may be plenty comfortable in your house, whether it be in the suburbs or out in a rural setting, you need to remember that other animals call this land home too. These animals don’t respect things like property lines either and they don’t care what your pets or livestock mean to you. All they see is a free meal. Many of them may even damage your house other property as well.

Professionals like Jason Governo have long known that in order to keep your property and animals safe, you absolutely must have a fence. While this is especially true in rural settings, it’s not a bad piece of advice for suburbanites either. Livestock fencing has long been used out in the country to make sure wolves and other predators don’t get at cows, horses, llamas, chickens and more.

Nowadays, you can even use electric fencing, which will ensure no animal tries to cross it twice. Although an electric shock may not be lethal, it should be enough to keep the animal from thinking it would be a good idea to cross over the line again.

Of course, fences are also a great way to keep your animals on your property and from wandering out to where it may be unsafe for them.


At the Farm Supply Store, you’ll find everything you could possibly need to keep your animals on your property and even safe from predators. They carry everything from Gallagher fence to modern technology like solar powered electric fenceoptions.