5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home and Garden Decor for Summer

5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home and Garden Decor for Summer

Article by Chris Robertson

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably enjoy changing your home decor a bit before summer arrives. Springtime often prompts color and pattern changes to reflect a summer mood. So if you’re ready to spruce up your decor for warmer weather, here are five ideas to get started.

1. Window Treatments and Summer

Curtains or draperies can be swapped out from the winter window treatments to reflect the colors of spring and summer. You might find brighter colors to brighten up the room while still keeping the warmth of summer out on those really hot days. Opt for drapes with thin or sheer fabric, which can be pulled back during daylight hours to brighten your home. Look for curtain patterns like florals, stripes or plaid to add flavor to a “plain Jane” room!

2. Kitchen Summer Decor

It doesn’t take much to transform a kitchen and create summer beauty. A new tablecloth, summer floor mats and countertop accessories are all inexpensive, but can go a long way for a summer look and feel. Also switch your kitchen towels, washcloths and oven mitts to those with spring-like designs. Look for bright-colored accessories such as salt/pepper shakers, baskets, stove burner plate covers, trays and cookie dishes.

3. Living Area

Summer decor in the living room can be enhanced with bright-colored throws and pillows on the furniture, spring-colored rugs, lamps and other affordable decor items. Change a few wall paintings or add a wall fountain if you have extra space. Use cheery figurines for your fireplace mantle, and be sure to switch out magazines to summer-themed issues if you have a magazine bin or table.

4. Bed and Bath for Summer

In the bedrooms, change to summer-themed floor rugs and bedding to give the room a summer flare. Make sure the colors blend well with your summer curtains, and use comforters or spreads made of thin material for added coolness during the night. Bath decor can be geared for summer by replacing shower curtains and floor mats, and by changing out washcloths and towels to spring-like colors. Use summer colors for storage shelves and containers where you’ll be storing personal care and beauty items.

5. Outdoor Living for Summer

Don’t forget about your yard and garden areas for upcoming warm weather. Plant a variety of colorful flowers and green shrubs to enhance your yard decor for spring and summer. Roses will often bloom throughout spring, summer and early fall! Add a few new garden decor items with the arrival of each summer, such as garden statues, fountains, birdhouses, bird feeders, wind chimes, etc. And don’t forget about patio furniture! Uncover your furniture and give it a good wash-down. Also consider adding a hammock so you can relax while enjoying the outdoors!

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