A London Interior Design Consultancy Shares Secrets of the Profession – Entrances, Exits and Gardens

A London Interior Design Consultancy Shares Secrets of the Profession – Entrances, Exits and Gardens

Article by Lily Candice

“Pleased to Meet You…. Welcome to My Designer Home and Garden!” A London Interior Design Consultancy Shares Secrets of the Profession. Part III: Entrances, Exits and Gardens

When interior design consultancies promote their services in “garden design”, they are branching out from internal spaces to the outdoors. In the olden days, interior design consultancies were 100% about the “indoors” side of things. But now in 2010 several of London’s most acclaimed interior design consultancies routinely deploy their unique know-how and expertise towards the design of cutting-edge garden concepts. The result: top interior design consultancies can now offer residents a full and all-inclusive design framework that meets every client need. London is a fabulous city in which to work as part of an interior design consultancy that also focuses on gardens because it is so easy to find amazing garden furniture, rockeries and exterior lighting solutions from the many well-appointed garden centres and suppliers across the capital.

In addition to lighting up foliage, your interior design consultancy will help you illuminate lighting paths and steps in gardens both large and small. There are several extra possibilities that work well on a large scale. Some very prestigious London interior design consultancies will suggest a small spotlight, located in a tree and directed downwards, to provide sufficient dappled light to illuminate a path in a fake woodland setting. If localized light is required, this could be in the form of a small copper mushroom-style fixture or a bollard light. Some types can be modified by the lighting team from your interior design consultancy to create a pathway of flickering light, which provides a touch of theatre for special occasions – perfect for London’s popular summer garden parties.

Entrances, exists and paths that link the spaces between need to be well illuminated for purely functional reasons. All the best-known London interior design consultancies are familiar with all the relevant safety codes and regulations. But there are aesthetic benefits as well. In the daytime, windows create a visual link between the rooms of a house and garden beyond. A professional interior design consultancy will recommend suitable exterior lighting at night to help re-establish the idea of the garden as an extension of the home, while enhancing architectural nuances and revealing surface textures that may not be apparent by day. Whether your home is old or new, whether in London or in the countryside, a successful lighting scheme is all about establishing harmony between a building and its surroundings, which can intrigue as much during the hours of darkness as by daylight.

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