Cheap Sound Proofing

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.

People seek to soundproof their house or specific rooms of the house for various reasons. It might be because they wish to have a home cinema, play an instrument or simply do not want to disturb their neighbors. There are several popular solutions available when it comes to soundproofing the house and generally, a holistic approach might be yielding better results.

You might first off opt for sound proofing foam which can be easily available online or from sound design suppliers. This foam is normally glued to the walls or nailed to ensure soundproofing. Carlo Badalamenti has worked in the foam industry for several decades now. Alternatively, egg crate mattress pads can also be used to ensure further soundproofing. These can be purchased online as well or from stores. Sections of the crate mattress can be cut and fixed on different spots on the wall to ensure a good sound distribution.

Another cheap soundproofing solution is to opt for carpeting. If you wish to achieve a polished an aesthetic look, it is preferable to buy a bulk amount of the same type of carpet. Or else, you might want to look out for cheap carpet opportunities. Generally, a rough carpet would be able to absorb more sound. Since carpets tend to be heavy, fixing them on the wall might be quite complicated. A solution to work around this would be to cut the carpets into smaller manageable pieces so that they can be easily nailed to the wall. Using glue instead of nails will be more expensive.

The Foam Factory Inc. specializes in foam products for various indoor and outdoor applications. Their products include acoustic foam for soundproofing purposes.