Cooling your workplace

When the temperature in the workplace is between 22 and 25.5C (72 – 78F), the workers are most comfortable. Above this temperature, they start to feel uncomfortable, tempers shorten and mistakes are made. In order to avoid these issues, it is important that a portable air conditioner is installed in workplaces.

Portable sir conditioners do not need any installation. You just need to wheel it in position, plug in and turn on for instant relief from the summer heat.

Portable air conditioners, fans, etc. are easily and quickly moved from place to place as required. Therefore, they are suited for sealed spaces, where doors and windows can be kept closed, such as offices, small workshops, etc.

It is also really important to consider how the heat that is removed from the room will be eventually dissipated. Two types of portable air conditioners are available – air-cooled, which have an exhaust duct (like a tumble dryer) that needs to be fed outdoors. Or water-cooled, which have a separate radiator that goes outside.

Portable cooling provides businesses with inexpensive, flexible and rapid cooling for their workplaces. Portable air conditioning is ideal for offices and small to medium sizes rooms, as long as doors and windows are kept shut. Therefore, it is really important that you choose equipment that is not only sturdy enough for daily use in the business environment, but also can effectively decrease the temperature of the workplace and provide a comfortable and cooler environment for the people working there.

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