Five gardening tips for beginners

Woman wearing straw hat kneeling down tending to garden, smiling
Woman wearing straw hat kneeling down tending to garden, smiling

New gardeners should understand the basics of growing a healthy, well-maintained garden. Here are some sound tips that will get beginners started right.

Test your soil – To understand what type of soil you are working with, send a sample of your soil to your local nursery. They will be able to assess your soils nutrients and PH levels, which will give you a good idea how well your plants will grow and what it needs. It is also important to have a look at the texture of your soil. Good soil will crumble in your hands, while soil that is hard, like clay will cause difficulty for most plants to grow roots.

Start with “easy” plants – Grow plants that take a short time to grow, so that if you make a mistake you will not be wasting months of your time. Choose vegetables, sunflowers and easy to grow ferns to start off with.

Create a plan – Know how big your plants will grow and plan out your space. You should leave sufficient space for your plants to grow and fill out the garden, without it looking crowded.

Keep a notebook – Keep a journal with your inspiration for your garden. This will also help you stay on track with your garden activities.

Set a calendar – You should put a note of when you should fertilize your plants when you should re-plant or prune your plants to ensure they look their best all year around.