For A Haahoo Happy Birthday Host An In The Night Garden party

For A Haahoo Happy Birthday Host An In The Night Garden party

Article by John Smith

So, one of the little ones has got a birthday fast approaching and you’ve promised them a special party to mark the occasion in style. It’s easy to plan a party for adults when all you need to arrange is a few nibbles on a tray and an endless supply of alcohol but naturally, this won’t suffice for anyone under the age of 18, particularly those at the younger end of the scale who have yet to learn how to spell alcohol correctly.

If you’re looking for something a little bit special, but perhaps you have a phobia of clowns and know that someone is likely to get lost if you treat them out to day at a theme park, then why not opt for a party at home where you can keep your eye on everyone and choose your own form of entertainment? If you’re not quite in the loop with what’s hot and what’s not with children’s television, then you’d better get some revision in quickly because as every parent should know, ‘In the Night Garden’ is the latest craze, and quite understandably so.

Somewhere, at the bottom of the garden, is a community of colourful characters who happily spend their day getting up to mischief whilst singing their favourite songs. With names like ‘Haahoos’ and the ‘Tombliboos’ you can be sure that your children are bound to be making their own words up soon enough, but nourishing that all important imagination is perhaps the greatest gift of all, so why not indulge them on their birthday with a special in the night garden Party?

Getting the theme right is much easier than you’d think it just takes a little bit of organisation and a lot of energy on the day. Get your child in the mood by encouraging them to invite their favourite friends to the social event of the year the ‘In the Night Garden Party Invitations’ are both colourful and easy to use, and with 20 invitations to a pack, they’re also a great way of keeping track of numbers!

When the doorbell rings and the first of the rowdy bunch starts to arrive, then you need to make sure you’ve got the theme in place and with just a few simple decorations here and there, the guests will start to wonder if they really have stepped into the magical world that they’ve seen on the television. An In The Night Garden Party Banner’ is a great way of adding some colour to the house and reminding everyone that they’ve all come to celebrate the birthday of a very special little boy or girl. Put a few in the night garden Party Balloons and you’ll be hitting the mark on what truly makes a child’s birthday party special.

Perhaps you’ve spent hours in the kitchen preparing that all important children’s party food you’ve probably been up half the night filling sandwiches and making jelly but it really will be worth it when you see the look on their little faces. Laying out the food can be made to look all that more special as you embrace the In the Night Garden Party theme. The In the Night Garden party plastic tablecloth will be a godsend when those inevitable spills of juice occur, but the kids will probably be too distracted when you present them all with some In the Night Garden party plates, cups and napkins. It’s these small details that will really help the theme to work, and with everything being disposable, you know you won’t have to spend hours cleaning up afterwards.

After what promises to be an exhausting but truly memorable day, don’t forget that no child’s party would be complete without some party bags for the guests to take home with them. Getting the balance right with what to put inside them may take a bit of consideration no parent will want their child to take home a sack of sweets but with some In the Night Garden Party gifts, you won’t go wrong.

Try placing an in the night garden Noisy blowout pack and some In the night Garden party bubbles inside their In the Night Garden party bags, and you’re surely onto a winner. With a slice of cake wrapped up inside too, you can be certain that all of your guests will leave with a smile on their faces and you can take a deep breath of relaxation in knowledge that you won’t have to do it again until next year.

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