Grand View Garden

Grand View Garden

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“Dream of Red Mansions” The Sixth Round, wrote: “on the main house steps, little girl playing the scarlet carpet curtain, only into the main room, only to smell incense while bashing his face to, actually I do not know what the smell, as in the body clouds in general. things that are bright room full of glory, people dizzy; Liu grandmother nodded smack recite it at this time only. “Granny Liu have not seen major aspects of society, it met with the Grand View Garden style to some dazzling , everything felt fresh. Later, people would lead to a “strange, Grand View Garden – dazzled by the phrase” not only shows many new things, but also major aspects of society that children have never seen a person. “Dream of Red Mansions” in the description of the Grand View Garden in Beijing, where there has been much controversy, but to their homes, gardens, garden design, a lot of similarities with the Qing Dynasty Prince Gong House, so there are still many people believe that Prince Gong Grand View Garden which is then, at least is “Dream of Red Mansions” in the Grand Garden of the models depicted. Prince Gong Yi Qing Dynasty Prince Gong’s mansion ?, three bridges in the sea before the northwest Shichahai. Prince Gong House construction can be divided into “sites” and “Garden” in two parts. Arranged for the five north-south into the hall, things were divided into central, eastern, western three courtyards. West Court to “Fantasy Garden” which, from the decorated second door into the north hall of the collusion between the ride structure, Chamber has Snappers, deep into the large, extremely compact design. Axis is a group of four into the courtyard to the middle Jia Letang based, is the government in the main building. A group of east courtyard, as into the hall. There are more than three yards behind the pavilion over 170 meters long, constitutes an ingenious buildings, coupled with a garden courtyard, verandas pavilions, became the Beijing representative of landscape architecture. Of course, Grandma Liu was so much noise in the Grand Park, dazzled, not all is the garden of the building that houses mainly in the decoration. “When Grandma Liu slightly when only hear the sound slightly, it is like to play Romania screening in general, can not help but look around, and suddenly saw the main room in a box hanging on the pillar, and fall under a scale-like thallium, but do not live in the Luanhuang , … … could not wink back frightened children, “and so on. “Grandma” to the north dialect, the grandmother. Another “grandma birthday – year after year” to describe someone or something as time goes by, more and more depressed; “grandma grandson pain – love is the girl child” to describe a person concerned about the surface , while the actual or love his own relatives.

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