Greens you can grow anywhere


Microgreens are a mix of edible greens including herbs that our picked when they are young and tender. These greens are expensive, because they are difficult to keep fresh and ship. But if you grow your own at home, you can include micro greens to your meals, which will add healthy nutrients.

Microgreen seed mixes are available in a variety of flavours from spicy to mild. If you can’t find micro green seeds you can make your own. You can grow the following as micro greens; turnips, spinach, cabbage, carrot greens, kale, lettuce etc.

When growing microgreens indoors, firstly prepare your soil with compost in plant beds. Before you start planting, water your soil, then scatter the seeds (don’t bury them). You can very gently insert the seeds into the soil. When watering your plants, use a watering can with small holes, which will provide a gentle watering. Your microgreens should sprout in 7-10 days.

Your microgreens will be ready for picking in about 10- 14 days. You can assess if they are ready to eat, if the leaves are less than 1-2 inches. When cutting the greens, snip it near the soil. Once you have snipped your greens, they will not grow back and therefore you will have to plant a fresh set once you have harvested your first batch.

When consuming your greens, make sure you rinse them and store them with a damp cotton cloth or paper towel in the fridge. They should be eaten in 2 days. Micro greens are great as additions to salads, sandwiches and stir frys after cooking.