Home and Garden Questions and Answers

Home and Garden Questions and Answers

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Can a virus contained by tomatoes be cured?can tomotoe plants with fruit on be treated for fusarium wilt or verticillium wilt,& if so what should be used. Thank you all for ultimate night’s answers,most helpfullCan aloe vera receive too much sunlight?we got an alow vera plant in the store and very soon its startig to “wilt”(the top half of each fern is starting to get really soft, and slightly discolored). dad keeps describing me to bring it inside because “its getting too much sunlight” is this possible? idk exactly…Can an earthship house be built contained by NY?Has anyone ever done it? Does it work well in the winter?Can anybody recomend a fitting nouns mattress?I bought 2 different air mattresses and they both lost air during the dark. I expected them to lose some air but not practically all the atmosphere.Can anyone assistance beside cloudy green pool dampen?We bought our house last summer and it came next to a 27′ round above ground pool (4.5 feet deep). Our twins were born 2 days after moving so we be never able to use it last summer. We arranged to hire the local pool company to open it for…Can anyone communicate me what this bug is?I found this bug in my kitchen.. it was a solid looking flyish, Mosquito… It wasn’t a crane fly. It was small like a fly but have like a stinger like a mosquito ( i am not sure what you ring that blood sucking pocky thing that they have…Can anyone convey me the cross of this plant (photo included)?It has red stalks and leaves, pink flowers and a fragrant smell. Photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/28115165(a)N0… (The green leaves in the bottom departed belong to a different plant) Many thanks!Can anyone facilitate me as I want urgent LPG Gas (HP/BHARAT Gas) spanking new nouns (2 cylinders) ?Hello I am Pankaj Shukla, Chinchwad Gaon, Pune-33. I applied for the same in Amrapali Gas Agency (HP), Chinchwad but officer said that nouns will be given after atleast 3 months. Also I inquired for it in Raka Gas Agency(Bharat Gas), Chinchwad, they also said to wait…Can anyone ID this plant?A friend of mine got one of these from clippings, and I got mine from clipping hers. From in the order of six ‘stems’ I’ve now got a immensely robust plant that’s branched out all over the place despite only individual in a small container with perchance 3-4 cups of…Can anyone let somebody know me what characteristics of spider this is?I was taking out the trash last darkness and came across this spider in a huge 2ft by 5 ft pattern. I almost ran into it, because it was see out. I’m terrified of spiders and just moved to Southern CA and I’ve never see a spider like this before….Can anyone please comfort me on ways to use up my electric bill, tips, air, etc…?I have turned my central ac up to 76 from 74, but mt bill be slightly higher than the previous month, i do live in south flordia so nouns is a neccesityCan anyone please relieve i am have trouble next to cats getting into the rubbish oodles.any thinking?apart from what i would like to do and shoot themis there any other ways to keep hold of them away.Can anyone provide information on No Frost Freezers?I have a Miele No Frost Fridge/Freezer which is about a year hoary. Ice (rather than frost) is forming on the bottom on the freezer. It seems to be working ok, but I cleared the ice something like 4 weeks about and it has re-appeared.Can anyone provide me next to a document of products that are locked for septic systems?We are moving to the country this summer and our new house has a septic system to some extent than public sewers. This is very new to us and since the house also have a dishwasher, I was wondering about a septic protected dishwashing liquid, among other things….Can anyone put together wet spiral threw an automatic swimming pool cleaner’s pipes?My question is can you make the hose down in your automatic swimming pool cleaner’s pipes spiral. Speeding up water flow, greater suction power, faster automatic swimming pool cleaner, a turning force is created on the swimming pool pipes. The automatic swimming pool cleaner will know how to turn itself…Can anyone recommend a devout online store to buy funny/cute/neat shower curtains?Looking for some unique and fun shower curtains, specifically the plastic curtain. We don’t buy the fabric ones here at our house. I would requirement to make sure the company can ship to Canada. Thanks allCan anyone recommend State Insurance company for CONTENTS insurance?Auckland, New ZealandCan anyone relay me how to prepare green beans to freeze?thanks to any one that can help me>>Can anyone testify to SWAMP COOLERS working economically?We want to lower the temperature in a windowless room from 83 to 75 degree F. Think the swamp coolers are worth the money?Can anyone update me what this italy pot is worth?http://s105.photobucket.com/albums/m214/… http://s105.photobucket.com/albums/m214/… http://s105.photobucket.com/albums/m214/…Can attic doors unambiguous from the inside?Mainly just curious for a story I am writing. I’d never go up into my attic and see because, frankly, individual up there gives me the creeps. However, surrounded by the movie ‘Christmas Vacation’, Chevy Case’s character gets stuck up surrounded by the attic. Also, would this answer…Can center nouns fault by electric power past its sell-by date?ok we was setting up temp at 74 degree afterwards after power off it set to 85 is that possible or someone is just shifting those setting?Can Direct TV install the dish on unattached garage?We have a ton of trees backyard (southern sky) and I think the singular place to put a dish is on the garage, but it’s unattached and about 20 yards from the house. Can it still be done?Can have a small hole punctured into a wall impose the paint, because it’s disturbed, let off more VOCs?My wall has a small gash on it that goes pretty gaping, from where something fell. Because the paint was disturbed contained by this area of the wall, would it be releasing more VOCs and things than normal? And also, where on earth the wall itself is torn, is there…Can I a moment ago pocket the pit out of the peach and plant it?I have the most beautiful little pocket peach tree within my front yard. It yields such yummy moist little peaches. I want to make a little tree for my grandma. Can I of late take the pit and stick it in the ground? Does it stipulation to dry out first?…Can I brush pollinate vegetables and fruits next to…?bee pollen I have in a jar? They are grape core sized bee pollen in a jar. Can I brush the pollen and then brush the fruits and vegetables? I’m untried at gardening so don’t laugh.Can I build an electrical balustrade around my 10 acre home?Is it legitimate?Can I enrich soil beside the fruit of what I’m growing?I have recently received a small banana tree. I own plenty of fertilizer (Expert Gardener, organic mix) but it has a short enthusiasm. (3 months) Since it’s a banana tree I was wondering if I could add some banana to the soil to affix all the right nutrients, or would…

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Can anyone assistance beside cloudy green pool dampen?We bought our house last summer and it came next to a 27′ round above ground pool (4.5 feet deep). Our twins were born 2 days after moving so we be never able to use it last summer. We arranged to hire the local pool company to open it for…

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