Men Are From Home Depot, Women Are From Home and Garden

Men Are From Home Depot, Women Are From Home and Garden

Article by David Berndt

Anyone who tries to split the difference between men and women will either fail, or come up with some hybrid akin to a football ballet.

Women and men are so different that when women are shopping for men –or a man needs to buy a present for his wife –there is a good chance that not only will the present not be appreciated, it will be quickly re-gifted.

When shopping for presents for men women will spend extra money on something that looks nice, while men will be more interested in something that gets the job done effectively. Women may be more focused on whether the color is right or the design pleasing, while the man will instead be concerned about comfort and functionality.

Men are grown boys and they like boy toys like radio controlled planes and helicopters, while women will think in terms of jewelry or fashionable clothes. In the garden, men will not be afraid to get dirty, and use some serious tools, while some women will tend to focus on flowers, shrubs and lawn furniture, as pleasing the eye is their focus. When looking for ideas for presents for men, the woman, when stumped might be a gift card a department store, while a man would prefer presents or gift certificates from a home improvement establishment.

Shopping is not the only way men and women are different of course. Just look at how they use the garage. Women use a garage to store the car or a bicycle away from the elements. For men, the garage is the second (or sometimes first) office, and the place to hang out, have some refreshments, and build some fairly useless things while they watch the game on TV.

Men will say they love a woman ( or more to the point say anything to get a notch in the belt) while women want to be intimate as an expression of the love they feel.

As John Grey points out, men and women seem to be from different planets, and in order to explore those differences, just check out the different advertisements on Spike TV and the Hallmark Channel. You may get a better idea of the presents to buy for him, or the clothes and jewelry she might be hoping you will buy for her as a gift.

When all is said and done, although there are plenty of men and women who defy these easy stereotypes, when shopping for Christmas or other special occasions, the discerning buyer will ignore these differences only if they do not mind regifting.

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Authorfriendly is David Berndt, a book publicist and author who has been a freelance writer for over 25 years. Permission is granted to reprint this article, so long as it is kept intact, including links, and the profile is reproduced as a credit. Unique Present Ideas for Him and Presents for Men were also written by Dr. Berndt on this topic.

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