Plants for Early Spring Harvest: Know Ahead of Time for the Perfect Spring Garden

Plants for Early Spring Harvest: Know Ahead of Time for the Perfect Spring Garden

Article by Matthew Harley and Doyle Bolt

“plants for early spring harvest” Overview: When planning a vegetable garden, it’s important to know what to plant and when. This article outlines some ideal plants for an early spring harvest for your hobby farm or home garden and also suggests methods of finding more information on this topic.

Why to plan your plants for the early spring harvest

The snow and ice is melting, the grass is reappearing, and soon the buds will be fresh on the trees. Winter is nearing its end and many of us are eager to shake our cabin fever and return to the gardens.You’re here because you want to know about what plants to consider so that you can take advantage of the early spring harvest.

It’s important to take the time to consider just what you’re going to plant in your garden. A lack of planning can lead to a failed garden with a low crop yield and we don’t need to tell you how disappointing that can be after all of your hard work. So rather than wing it in hopes of everything turning out ok, take the time to plan your garden and enjoy the results as fresh and healthy vegetables spring up from the earth and droop from their vines.

Below we have listed for your convenience some of the best vegetables and plants for the early spring harvest. If you’re still in need of some further ideas, we’ve also included a section outlining how to find more information on this topic. Take the first step towards a great garden and read on!

Ideal plants for an early spring harvest

We’ve put together this little planting guide for you to help you plan out the best varieties of plants for the early spring harvest. The first thing to consider when choosing is that the weather can still be unstable at this time of year, so you want to make sure that you plant seeds that are resistant to the cold and aren’t easily damaged by frost and wind as they sprout if temperatures fall.

Common early-spring crops include radishes, cabbage, lettuce, kale, onions, peas, carrots, potatoes and beets to name a few. If you’re also thinking to include flowers in your garden, pansies and roses are both hardy and able to stand up to the cold.

Radishes are great because they are ready to be eaten in only 20-30 days and can be planted as early as late march or as soon as the soil can be safely worked. The quality of lettuce actually decreases in hot weather, so make sure to limit your planting to the early months to ensure freshness. Onions are popular early crops because of how well they stand up to the cold and frost. If you are interested in some more suggestions about good plants for the early spring harvest, read on.

Where to acquire more information about plants for an early spring harvest

Now that you have some ideas about what plants to include in your garden to take advantage of the early spring harvest, you might be interested in some gardening tips or additional crop selections. You can never be armed with too much knowledge, and taking care to follow a set of rules and guidelines will help guarantee that you grow only the highest quality fruit and vegetables in your garden.

Not only will you be able to enjoy them at home, but you can easily sell them at a roadside stand (home-grown vegetables are extremely popular all over the country). Aside from garden centers and farming guides, a local florist is also a great source of information regarding crop cycles and planting. They stock a variety of seeds for your garden, meaning you might not have to travel very far to acquire the building blocks for a successful early spring harvest.

If you have any further questions or would like some suggestions and advice, feel free to contact your local florist today. They’ll be happy to put their experience and training to use to provide you with information including ideal plants to choose, when to plant them, and when they should be cultivated.

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